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Feeling chilly in the office? Craving something cosy to keep you warm? Our collection of fleeces offers the perfect combination of comfort and style. These iconic 80s-inspired designs will keep you warm and cosy on those chilly days. Choose from half-zip or full-zip options, all featuring top brands.


What advantages does wearing a fleece jacket at work offer? For workwear, fleece jackets are a wonderful option since they provide soft insulation that helps keep heat without being overly constrictive. They are perfect for outdoor work or cold interior locations like freezers and chilled warehouses because they are lightweight.

When purchasing a fleece jacket for the office, what should I look for? Your needs for a fleece jacket may vary depending on the kind of work you conduct or the climate. Several aspects to take into account are the weight of the fleece, its insulation capacity, waterproofness.

Which fleece coats are ideal for work? What you need out of a fleece jacket is what determines the optimum fit for work. The top work fleece jackets for 2024 are listed on Oliver Embroidery and include alternatives for various work types and weather conditions. Among the best choices are the Regatta Ladies Thor 3 fleece, Russell Ladies Outdoor Fleece Tee Jays Ladies Outdoor FleeceLadies Classic Full Zip Fleece