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Unisex Long Sleeve Polo Shirts

Are you in search of versatile and stylish additions to your workwear or casual wardrobe? Explore Oliver Embroidery's collection of long sleeve polo shirts, the epitome of sophistication and comfort. 🌟

Dressier and warmer than their short-sleeve counterparts, our long sleeve polos strike the perfect balance between formal and casual wear. Ideal for various workwear dress codes, these polos are also suitable for semi-formal, casual, or even cocktail attire. Picture yourself effortlessly pairing them with a sweater, a workwear blazer, or donning them at outdoor formal events – a versatile wardrobe staple embraced even by Celebrities like Mark Wright and Idris Elba.

For the ultimate in style and comfort, check out the Tee-jays-luxury-stretch-long-sleeve-polo-shirt. Its exceptional design and quality make it the best overall long polo shirt, providing you with optimum elegance and ease.

If you're seeking a long sleeve polo for the office, the Henbury-long sleeve polo shirt is your go-to choice. With its sophisticated design, it effortlessly blends professionalism with comfort.

For budget-friendly options, the Uneek longsleeve-poloshirt is the most affordable choice without compromising on style or quality.

For unparalleled comfort and style, consider the Russell-heavy-duty-collar-sweatshirt, ensuring you stay cozy while making a fashion statement.

Whether you're stocking up on uniforms for the first time or looking to upgrade, our embroidery experts are here to assist you. Reach out before making a purchase, as we offer a range of options, from classic polo designs to performance polos and high-end fashion. Our experts are ready to guide you through the available choices, whether it's embroidery or print. Your satisfaction is our priority. Welcome to Oliver Embroidery – where style meets functionality! 👕✨


Are the long sleeve polo shirts suitable for both workwear and casual occasions? Absolutely! Our long sleeve polos seamlessly transition from workwear to casual or semi-formal events with style and comfort.

Which is the best overall long sleeve polo shirt available? The Tee Jays Luxury Stretch Long Sleeve Polo Shirt stands out as the ultimate choice for optimum elegance and comfort.

Looking for an office-appropriate long sleeve polo? The Henbury Long Sleeve Cotton Piqué Polo Shirt is the perfect blend of sophistication and professionalism for the office.

Any budget-friendly options for long sleeve polos? Certainly! The Uneek Longsleeve Poloshirt provides affordability without compromising on style or quality.

What about comfort and style combined? Russell Heavy Duty Collar Sweatshirt offers unbeatable comfort and style, ensuring you make a fashion statement while staying cozy.

Can I get assistance in choosing the right uniform or workwear? Absolutely! Our embroidery experts are ready to guide you through the options, from classic polos to high-end fashion, ensuring satisfaction with your choice.