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Personalize Your Winter Style: Oliver Embroidery's Softshell Jacket Collection ❄️

Are you in need of a winter jacket, an everyday office jacket, or a stylish jacket for outings? Stay warm and stylish this winter! ❄️🥶🌨
Stay cosy all winter long with our collection of Softshell Jackets. Whether you want to make a bold impression at the office or stay comfortable on site, we have the perfect options for you. Check out our Three layer soft shell or our Ladies Treble Stitch Soft Shell Jacket.
Our collection provides a wide range of materials to choose from, along with accreditations for sustainability, ethical trading, and vegan approval to name just a few.
Remember, all of our Women's Softshell Jackets can be customised! Consider adding a logo or name to your personalised hat of choice. Perhaps you could even design personalised jackets for your upcoming corporate event!🧊🌨️✨
We take great pride in producing all embroidery and printwork in-house with utmost attention to detail. Feel free to contact our exceptional team if you need any further assistance or have any special requests! Please call today at 0118 9834768.



Why choose Oliver Embroidery for Women's Softshell Jackets? Oliver Embroidery offers a wide range of personalised Women's Softshell Jackets, ensuring style and warmth in winter.

How practical are Oliver's softshell jackets for winter? Oliver's softshell jackets provide practicality and style, making them perfect for winter comfort.

Are there jacket options for different age groups and sizes? Yes, Oliver Embroidery offers a diverse selection, including kids jackets and options for both male and female adults of all sizes.

Can I customise my Women's Softshell Jacket with logos or names? Certainly! All Women's Softshell Jackets at Oliver Embroidery are customisable, allowing you to add logos or names for a personal touch.

Why consider Oliver Embroidery for personalised corporate jackets in the UK? Oliver Embroidery takes pride in in-house embroidery and printwork with attention to detail, offering personalized jackets for corporate events and more. Contact us at 0118 9834768.